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Mouthpieces SI-Series

SI (=Salzburg/Immer)-Series

The Salzburg model served as a basis for the development of this series, realized in collaboration with Friedemann Immer and conforming to his ideals. These mouthpieces have a bright, brilliant tone and good flexibility. The OPT-mouthpieces are extra short. The dimensions of their bore and backbore have been calculated with a computer program for acoustical optimization.

Friedemann Immer notes:
Of the surviving baroque trumpet mouthpieces that I am aware of, one characteristic is always present: they possess, contrary to modern mouthpieces, a sharp edge at the point of entry to the throat from the cup. This sharp edge is, in my opinion, important in playing the baroque trumpet for at least three reasons:
1. It „creates“ the typical sound of the baroque trumpet.
2. The notes, particularly in the upper register, are more centred and easier to play although the throat is very open.
3. Changing the pitch of certain notes (i.e. playing without vent holes) becomes easier.
My experience has shown that such a mouthpiece improves playing in every register, from the extreme low (G and C, 2nd and 3rd partials) to the extreme high (e’’’ and further, 20th partial). A very broad dynamic range from pp to ff is also possible.

 trp mst si-serie 



 trp mst si opt-serie 


Model Salzburg/ImmerSpecificationsCup Ø mmRim Ø mmThroat Ø mmBrass CHFSilver Plated CHF


- Principal mouthpiece
- for middle and low register
18,06 29,54 4,3 135,- 165,-


- size of authentic Haas mouthpiece
- well suited for middle register
17,69 28,64 4,2 135,- 165,-


- like SI-5 but with rounded rim 17,66 27,99 4,2 135,- 165,-

SI-5 alpha

- wlike SI-5 but with shallower cup
- well suited for high register
17,69 28,64 4,2 135,- 165,-


- like SI-5, short shank
- specially for high register
17,69 28,64 3,7 145,- 175,-


- like SI-5R, short shank
- specially for high register
17,66 27,99 3,7 145,- 175,-


- well suited for middle and high register 17,25 28,00 4,2 135,- 165,-


- like SI-6 but with rounded rim 17,27 27,6 4,2 135,- 165,-


- like SI-6, short shank
- specially for high register
17,25 28,0 3,7 145,- 175,-


- like SI-6R, short shank
- specially for high register
17,27 27,6 3,7 145,- 175,-


- well suited for high register 16,9 27,5 4,0 135,- 165,-


- like SI-7 but with rounded rim 16,86 27,19 4,0 135,- 165,-


- like SI-7, short shank
- specially for high register
16,9 27,5 3,8 145,- 175,-


- like SI-7R, short shank
- specially for high register
16,86 27,19 3,8 145,- 175,-


Component PartCurrencyPreis
Adapter for modern mouthpiece CHF 35,-
Mouthpiece wallet for 4 mouthpieces, black leather CHF 39,-
Mouthpiece pocket for 1 mouthpiece, black, with red lion (Egger logo) CHF 5,-

June 2019